Abolishing relational, economic, and spiritual poverty through career and community development

Long-Term Economic Mobility Through Education, Personal Development, and Relationship Building

Recognizing poverty's multifaceted nature, CrossPurpose prioritizes building social capital and meaningful relationships with its Leaders. The Denver organization provides training in industries with career advancement opportunities and offers a structured program combining personal development curriculum with online education through Penn Foster.

CrossPurpose Helps Leaders in Denver, Colorado Overcome Challenges of Poverty, Incarceration, and More

Although there is no one “typical” person who qualifies for CrossPurpose, the organization aims to empower anyone in poverty including single mothers, people coming out of incarceration, families in poverty, and refugees. Rather than being called students, or learners, the participants in this program are called 'Leaders,' reflecting their role in taking charge of their own destinies and shaping their lives.

How Leaders Succeed at CrossPurpose (Personal Development & Relationship-Building)

CrossPurpose offers strategic training in sectors where individuals can advance their careers, including skilled trades, healthcare, technology, and more. Over time, CrossPurpose has observed graduates receiving wage increases or accessing opportunities for further upskilling to secure even higher paying jobs.


The success seen by Leaders is due to the program's structure. During the initial six weeks of the program, Leaders engage in a personal development curriculum held onsite where they work on essential soft skills like conflict resolution, communication, resume building, and more.


After this initial six weeks of personal development and relationship-building, Leaders move on to educational courses, including Medical Billing & Coding, Medical Administrative Assistant, Administrative Assistant, and Dental Assistant, from organizations including Penn Foster. Through Penn Foster, CrossPurpose Leaders can conduct their coursework online – however, they are still required to attend onsite for accountability and support.


Impact By the Numbers

Over the last decade, CrossPurpose's transformative program has impacted thousands of lives. The organization’s data reveals that 2,480 individuals have been lifted out of poverty, including 992 program graduates who gained economic mobility due to higher post-graduation wages.


On average, the program hosts 330 Leaders annually, a number that has been steadily increasing with the addition of new campuses around Denver. With a commendable graduation rate of 70%, this translates to over 230 graduates each year.


Notably, the program boasts an impressive alumni job retention rate of 81% and a remarkable pre-to-post-program wage growth of 360%. These outstanding outcomes have resulted in the annual generation of $20.7 million in wealth by graduates.


The Personal Impact of CrossPurpose

Penn Foster’s partnership with CrossPurpose has allowed it to provide two of its graduates, Ashley and Chelsea, with fulfilling careers in the medical field:


“Before this program, my life was going nowhere. I had been working at the same job since I was 15 years old, and I never received a raise or an opportunity to advance. I joined CrossPurpose to improve my own situation, but also help support the three other people in my household. I'm proud of myself for my hard work and dedication, and I'm grateful for the support of the program and the people around me. I know that my life will never be the same, but in the best possible way. I am working as a Medical Front Office Assistant at Colorado Heart and Vascular.”

- Ashley M., 2023 Graduate


“CrossPurpose has equipped me with not only the academic knowledge required to be the best person I could be with a profound sense of personal and professional growth that I continue to use in my daily life and now teach to others around me. I have learned a great deal of patience, persistence and deep passion in my life. My main “why” was for my unborn child. I want to be the best mother and provider for him and I need to set a good example by creating a solid foundation for us. As I am now stepping into the future of the medical field as a Medical Administrative Assistant at Lowry Pediatrics, I want to thank all the people in this incredible Program, for sticking with me until the end as well as my friends and family who are here with me today.”

- Chelsea R., 2023 Graduate


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