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Create a path to your school with our high school completion program

High School for Colleges & Career Schools

An enrollment solution designed to deliver qualified students at a low cost per start.

Penn Foster’s High School Completion program for colleges and career schools is designed to provide your prospective students lacking proof of graduation the opportunity to earn a regionally and nationally accredited high school diploma, and a path to matriculate into your college.

  • Your Enrollment Solution
    High School Completion Program

    This blended learning program is delivered on your campus and customized to meet the needs of your school and your students. It is designed to provide prospective students with a high school diploma in an average of 12 weeks, and a path to matriculation into your school.

  • Proven Partner Success
    Qualified Enrollments at an Affordable Price

    Penn Foster works closely with partners to deliver seamless implementation and ensure program success by providing academic, program, and marketing support. On average, partners experience a 40% lower cost per start and higher student persistence.

  • Positive Student Outcomes
    Path to Matriculation & Beyond

    Program graduates meet the proof of graduation requirement needed to enroll in your school and are eligible for financial aid. Up to 80% of High School Completion program students graduate and 75% then enroll in the sponsoring school and persist in the program.

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