EmployBridge Improves Associate Opportunity for Employment and Promotion with Better WorkLife Initiative

Results that Matter for Associates

With over 55,000 associates, EmployBridge is the largest industrial staffing company in the United States, helping companies hire temporary associates in industries such as manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, and more. Since the launch of the Better WorkLife initiative in 2017, EmployBridge has helped over 30,000 associates enroll in skills training courses, with more than 17,000 of those enrollments coming in 2019 alone. Associates have seen incredible results from being enrolled in the programs as well. According to a survey conducted by Penn Foster, 33% of graduate respondents reported that they’ve received a raise since completing the program. Cathi Canfield, VP of Associate Experience & Engagement at EmployBridge and chief sponsor and champion of the initiative, agrees that Better WorkLife has made a world of difference for jobseekers.


Associates upskilled through better worklife


Of graduates have received a raise since completion


Skills attained by associates

“Penn Foster has helped our associates not only envision better lives for themselves, but go out and actually achieve it, too,” said Canfield. “They’re learning new skills every day that will help them for the rest of their careers.”

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A national workforce in need of new skills

As a leading provider of staffing services, EmployBridge is dedicated to “ensuring U.S. employers of manufacturing, logistics, transportation, contact center, and administrative talent have the workers they need now and in the future.” As employers continue to try and answer the call for future-proofing their businesses, the challenge of addressing skills gaps remains an extremely difficult problem to address for leadership. In order to execute on their mission to go above and beyond for job-seekers across the U.S., EmployBridge partnered with Penn Foster in the summer of 2017 to launch the Better WorkLife initiative.

Skills for work, skills for life

Powered by Penn Foster’s online skills training programs, the Better WorkLife initiative was launched as a collection of 21 online programs designed to help associates learn skills in various logistics, manufacturing, and clerical disciplines. Through Better WorkLife, EmployBridge associates have the opportunity to learn these skills at no cost in order to better position themselves to succeed in the job market of the future.

Two years later, in the summer of 2019, EmployBridge doubled down on the Better WorkLife initiative to introduce the LifeSkills Studio, a new collection of seven programs dedicated to helping EmployBridge associates to learn general life skills like budgeting, goal setting, managing personal health, professional communication skills, and more. EmployBridge also decided to open the LifeSkills Studio to applicants, in a dedicated effort to allow them access to immediate skill development opportunities before ever even beginning their first job assignment. The goal in offering these courses to associates and applicants alike was that EmployBridge could continue to show their commitment to helping people improve, both professionally and personally, regardless of their tenure as an EmployBridge associate.

Also in 2019, EmployBridge introduced the concept of badging to all Better WorkLife programs, allowing enrolled students to earn proof of skills attained throughout their time in the programs. By having the ability to earn “skill badges” along the way instead of merely one credential upon final completion, associates are able to gain tangible skills that they can add to their resumés and use to further their career while still enrolled in a program.

More About EmployBridge

EmployBridge is the largest industrial staffing company in the United States, helping companies hire temporary associates in industries such as manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, and more.

Industry: Staffing Agency

Company Size: 55,000+

Product: Skilled Trades, High School Diploma, Business Fundamentals, Career Readiness

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