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Northwest Career College Invests in Community with High School Completion Program for Working Learners.

About the Company

Northwest Career College (NCC) is a career college in Las Vegas, NV with an emphasis on business, healthcare, and legal fields of study.

Investing in second chances

Since opening its doors more than two decades ago, Northwest Career College strives to “inspire the next generation of professionals through dedication to service, commitment to mentorship, and innovation in education.” The school is committed to empowering students to achieve their career dreams and remove barriers that might prevent continued education. Adults looking to re-enter the workforce or break into a new industry face a growing gap between their prior education and the needs of today’s job economy. Rather than shy away from the challenge of aspiring adult learners, Northwest Career College partnered with Penn Foster in 2016 to provide a high school completion program that transforms applicants into qualified students.

By offering Penn Foster’s High School Completion Program, Northwest Career College provides a pathway for individuals to earn a regionally and nationally accredited high school diploma and advance onto in-demand career training programs. Through online learning, Penn Foster High School equips students with the skills they need to excel in their programs and prepare for the path of achieving lifelong success in the workforce.

Preparing learners for continued success

Northwest Career College has integrated Penn Foster’s accredited High School Completion Program to satisfy the need for efficient and effective matriculation. The program relies on dedicated support from Northwest Career College’s Special Populations Coordinator, Nicole Pangelinan. Since taking on the role in 2020, Pangelinan has sparked an exponential increase in enrollment rates. Penn Foster's High School Completion Program provides the groundwork for students who may need additional preparation before entering a trade school or career pathway.

“Once enrolled at Northwest, my Penn Foster students just excel. Why? Because they have exposure to this already. They know what it takes: a deadline, time management, and self-discipline.” According to Pangelinan, “that is what makes this program successful for them, not only throughout the Penn Foster curriculum, but throughout their time at Northwest.”

Although Penn Foster programs are self-paced, Nicole finds that helping students track their progress with deadlines helps them progress on their path to graduation.

Optimizing impact with dedicated support

Northwest Career College leverages Penn Foster’s comprehensive catalogue of resources to ensure progress from enrollment to graduation. Customizable student success plans, study and note-taking guides, instructor feedback, and student webinars support learners and program staff throughout the curriculum.

“I'm always encouraging my students to test their knowledge, see how much they’ve retained, and take advantage of those resources,” says Pangelinan. “Providing [students] with the resources that they need to be successful allows them to become a graduate.”

Proving value through measurable impact

Four years after partnering with Penn Foster, the Northwest Career College Admissions Department turned their focus on the program with renewed excitement and saw incredible results. In the past year, a 95% increase in Penn Foster High School graduation rates has led to a 336% increase in enrollments and an 85% increase in matriculation into the college. The Penn Foster High School Completion program actively supports Northwest Career College’s goal to “change lives through education and to assist graduates to find employment in their chosen profession.”

As a veteran of the Trade School industry, Northwest Career College continues to focus on learners -- and the knowledge they need -- for lifelong careers in an evolving job market. By investing in aspiring students, Northwest Career College is able to graduate more job-ready professionals making an impact in their own communities.

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