Career Diploma and Pathways

Increase Employability and Career Preparedness

Offer Students and Employees Access to Career-Focused Skills Training

Increasing Access to Advanced Training and Placement in Fast-Growing Career Fields

Penn Foster's High School Diploma with Career Pathways concentrations helps organizations create pathways for learners to in-demand careers or advanced training. By providing a career-focused concentration in addition to their high school coursework, students, job seekers and employees alike are able to develop practical skills they can apply directly in the workplace or towards post-secondary education while earning an accredited high school diploma and a certificate of completion in a leading career field.

Each career pathway consists of five courses specifically focused on in-demand careers.

Career Pathway Concentrations
Automotive Pathway
This pathway includes basic courses on engines, safety, tools and equipment for repair and HVAC systems.
Carpentry Pathway
The carpentry pathway focuses on skills such as basic math for carpenters, how to read construction blueprints, and understanding building codes.
Child Care Professional
Child Care Professional
Topics covered in this pathway are the basics of child development, working with parents, program planning, and caring for infants/toddlers.
Culinary Arts Pathway
Culinary Arts
This pathway includes a variety of culinary courses such as cooking fish and shellfish, preparing poultry & game, and making stocks, sauces, and soups.
Early College Courses Pathway
Early College
Provides a range of higher level courses in Math, Reading, and Writing, as well as ACE approved College-level courses in select fields.
Electrical Pathway
The electrical pathway focuses on basic skills including working safely with electricity, electrical equipment & tools, and The National Electrical Code.
Healthcare Pathway
This pathway offers an introduction to the healthcare industry and includes courses on office procedures, confidentiality in Allied Health, and medical terminology.
Information Technology Pathway
Information Technology
The information technology pathway explores topics that include advanced PC applications, basic HTML coding, database creation, and an overview of computer applications.
Pharmacy Technician Pathway
Pharmacy Technician
The pathway for this in-demand career field includes courses in pharmaceutical dispensing, medical terminology, and label preparation.
Plumbing Pathway
Topics covered in the plumbing pathway include fittings, connections, water supply, and installing plumbing fixtures.


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