How Credentialed Vet Techs Save Time for Your Practice

Posted by Laura Amendola on June 5, 2024

Veterinary technicians play a large role in the successful operation of any veterinary practice or hospital. Besides taking on a lot of tasks to help veterinarians and clients, the work they do can help save patients’ lives. The work they do is invaluable to any practice.


white and gray cat getting their ears checked.

5 ways credentialed vet techs can benefit your practice

Vet techs are more in demand now than ever, so hiring credentialed vet techs can help elevate the success of your practice in several ways.


1. Credentialed vet techs increase revenue

Having more credentialed veterinary technicians on your team can make a big impact on revenue. In fact, veterinarian’s gross income can increase by $78,000 according to a study by the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians.


2. Skilled vet techs increase practice productivity

When you have credentialed veterinary technicians at your practice, you can rely on them for many of the non-emergency tasks. Unless it’s diagnosis, surgery, or prescribing medication, a vet tech can do it. This means they can take on some of the routine appointments (depending on different state regulations and other factors), getting more furry patients seen and freeing up the vet’s time for where it’s needed.


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3. Vet techs can save time for clients and staff

Utilizing your vet techs to the fullest of their abilities can cut down on wait times for pets and their owners as well as allow veterinarians to be in and out quicker. This means they can see more patients.


Your clients usually care deeply about their pets and value efficient, quality care. Utilizing vet techs’ full skillset enables them to deliver the care you want your practice to be known for swiftly.


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4. Skilled vet techs can improve processes

Once you have credentialed veterinary technicians on your staff, the best thing to do is trust them and their knowledge and abilities. A skilled vet tech brings a lot to the table and can take on a lot of responsibility, and they want to be utilized.


Vet techs who obtain a degree and pass the VTNE can seek out specialties, according to Penn Foster Veterinary Instructor Vicki McLain, CVT, LATG, VTS-LAM. Having specialists at your practice allows more processes to be handled in-house, which means more patients can be taken care of.


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5. Credentialed vet techs can increase quality of care

With credentialed vet techs on your team, you have more qualified people delivering top notch care to the loyal families who trust your practice with their fur babies. These technicians take their job and responsibility very seriously.


Heather Leer, CVT and Penn Foster Veterinary Externship Assistant, says, “As a technician, we have a lot of responsibilities and lives in the palms of our hands. At any point in time, you could be monitoring anesthesia and dispensing or giving drugs. All those things are very important and life-threatening. So technicians are responsible for so many tasks and there's so much knowledge to learn.”


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How to prepare your vet techs for credentialing

Providing opportunities for your vet techs to upskill and gain credentials can only benefit your practice. Partnering with an accredited program to make credentialing easy on your employees is a great way to not only support your employees but also retain them. The ability to continue education is a big draw for employees in today’s society, and in a field like vet where there are high staff shortages and mental health struggles, retaining good employees couldn’t be more important.


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The benefits of online vet tech training

When your employees train online to prepare for any credentials they may need, they have the freedom to study while maintaining their full-time job. Many online programs are self-paced so there’s little to no disruption to their lives or your workflow. Supplying your employees with the opportunity to train online means you can promote from within.


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Partner with a trusted veterinary technician training program

The benefits of having credentialed veterinary technicians on your team are clear. If you want your employees to reach their full potential, consider partnering with a trusted, accredited training program to give them the opportunity to advance their career. To learn more, reach out to our training experts and get on your way to improving your practice!