Graduates of Church’s Chicken’s

Graduates of Church’s Chicken’s Stride for Success Program Reaching New Heights

November 19, 2017

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ATLANTA, GA, November 19, 2017 — Created as a way to help its employees advance within the company, Church's Chicken's Stride for Success Program is seeing tremendous results. Stride for Success allows Church's employees the opportunity to earn their high school diplomas through an online instruction platform offered in collaboration with Penn Foster. In Louisiana and Mississippi, Diane Liddell, the Market Leader for Church's in those two areas, has been a diligent advocate of the program — and is about to welcome Stride for Success' fifth graduate.

“As a Market Leader, I encouraged these employees to enroll in the Stride for Success program,” says Liddell. “Then I made myself available every step of the way. From giving advice on their application exams to providing the necessary days off when it was required, I invested in removing obstacles that would normally get in the way of reaching the important achievement a high school diploma represents.”

The first graduate of the program was Monica Wilhite, who earned her diploma in September of 2016, and has since been promoted to Restaurant Manager. This year, LaTonya Reynolds completed the program in February, which allowed her to advance to the level of Assistant Manager, a position which requires a high school diploma. Swanza McGee is also expected to graduate by the end of 2017. Other recent graduates — Tametria Thomas and Jasmine Grayer were promoted to the level of Restaurant Manager in their respective restaurants since completing the program.

“At Church's Chicken, you really can be anything you want to be,” said Grayer. “My coworkers and I have been given the chance to create meaningful careers ourselves, working our way from shift leader to Assistant Manager to Manager. I believe we're all very proud of what we've been able to accomplish.”

Liddell's support for Stride for Success is inspired by her belief in various Church's core values such as Doing the Right Thing, Stepping Up, and Showing You Care… but is also motivated by her talent for Building Winning Teams, another tenet of Church's business philosophy. “I can relate with these graduates and I see a bit of myself in each of them,” Liddell explained. “They're single mothers, trying to provide for their families, and at Church's we're giving people the opportunity to become someone they may have thought they never could be.”

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