New 'Start Your Own Business' Certificate

Penn Foster Offers New 'Start Your Own Business' Career Certificate for Future Online Business Owners

June 08, 2017

New Program Helps Prepare Students on How to Start and Operate Their Own Web-based Business Using Online Tools

SCRANTON, PA (June 8, 2017) — Penn Foster Career School, a leading skills training provider focused on improving employability for workers across a range of in-demand fields, announced the launch of its Start Your Own Business Career Certificate. The program provides students with a strong background in business practices and independent contractor management skills. Students who already possess skills in their field will gain additional knowledge in using online tools that will help them start and manage their own online business.

"This program is for our students with an entrepreneurial spirit who are looking to harness their own unique skill sets and be their own boss," said Dara Warn, Chief Outcomes Officer, Penn Foster. "The condensed timeframe of the program provides a very realistic springboard for future business owners, as it prepares them to start or operate their own business in just a few months. This is a great opportunity for our Career School graduates from programs such as Caterer, Bookkeeping, Virtual Assistant, Auto Repair Technician and Interior Decorator -- to name a few -- if they are interested in owning and running their own business."

This online accredited certificate program offers skill development opportunities for potential business owners that includes how to build a business plan, and how to manage time and client engagement. The types of online businesses students can launch is virtually unlimited and include professional services such as marketing, editing and web design, e-commerce and digital/virtual assistance.

The program covers topics relevant for business start-ups, including how to develop effective strategies for building and managing a successful business using online tools; the structure and requirements of contract work, SEO and analytics to support business goals; how to set rates, keep records, and bill for services; how to manage client expectations; time management; marketing oneself; building a positive professional history, and more. The program is offered through PFx, Penn Foster's responsive, self-paced learning platform that provides students with on-demand learning, one-on-one coaching support and access to its Student Community of fellow learners.

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