For the past two years, Penn Foster has had the privilege of attending the YouthBuild National Directors Association (NDA) Meeting. This year's meeting will take place next week in Arlington, VA and we're excited to  continue to build upon the strong relationships we've developed with YouthBuild USA and many of the YouthBuild programs nationwide. The two-day conference will be full of YouthBuild and industry updates, professional development seminars, award ceremonies, and a myriad of networking opportunities.

Here are the top 3 things we are looking forward to at this year's meeting:

1. Workshop: Improving Instruction to Help All Learners Reach Higher

Tamara Thompson hosts this session, which will explore ways for instructors to improve outcomes for learners of all levels, both Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. We're excited for this session, as it highlights how not everyone learns in the same style nor at the same pace. Working in a classroom of students who may be at different levels can certainly be challenging, so we look forward to hearing the different strategies that can be used to ultimately help all learners succeed.


2. Workshop: Connecting Service to Meaningful Career and Postsecondary Pathways"

On Tuesday afternoon, David Weatherly will lead this session discussion on how to connect the service that students do through YouthBuild onto sustainable career and postsecondary pathways. We are looking forward to this session because of the parallels it has to the larger discussion of creating career and college pathways for opportunity youth nationwide. This was a topic that was highlighted at this week's Southwest Pathways Conference, so it will be interesting to how it can be applied through the Youthbuild framework.


3. Partner Networking Fair

Last but not least, we're looking forward to the opportunity to take part in YouthBuild's Partner Networking Fair. A first-of-its-kind session at this year's meeting, this Tuesday afternoon event will offer us a great opportunity to network with new YouthBuild directors and reconnect with our partners. Additionally, it will offer a unique opportunity to better immerse ourselves in ecosystem of providers that support YouthBuild programs nationwide and ultimately help their young people achieve their goals.


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