Last week I had the pleasure of attending and presenting at the 2016 NJCA Leadership Summit in Arlington, Virginia.  This annual conference brings together the Job Corps community comprised of workforce development experts, education practitioners, corporate partners, U.S. Department of Labor officials, Office of Job Corps leadership and staff, as well as members of Congress to discuss and develop strategies for enhancing Job Corps services.­

The conference was amazing.  It is always great to see partners on or off site to share time, collaborate and continually evolve our services and support.  As an education partner to Job Corps and an advocate for Opportunity Youth nationally, we at Penn Foster are always thinking of new ways to add value and are always trying to raise the bar when it comes to preparing graduates for success in today's competitive workforce.

When given an opportunity to interact with the Job Corps community, we always find it productive to share our experiences and perspective regarding our work in workforce, postsecondary and employer education and training programs. The following are four key topics that kept coming up again and again last week when discussing ways to make Job Corps students more employable and marketable. While discussed in this context with Job Corps, these are universal topics that can apply to all organizations working to build a stronger youth workforce. I'll discuss each in more detail in future posts, but they are:

  1. Innovation
  2. Comprehensive Offerings
  3. Support Resources
  4. Networking

Each theme plays an essential role in driving stronger outcomes and opportunity for Opportunity Youth.  And, because of the types of conversations we had last week, Penn Foster is poised to continue to work with Job Corps and other partner organizations to aid efforts in building a stronger, more innovative youth workforce. 

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