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Penn Foster recently welcomed Beckfield College into our family of career college partners, offering our high school completion program to local students in the Florence, KY and Tri-County Cincinnati areas.
Last week, The Native Society sat down with Penn Foster CEO Frank Britt to talk about his career journey to CEO of an education company, industry trends effecting Penn Foster and its partner institutions, and what's next for this 124-year old company. Here is an excerpt from the interview:
It's no secret that enrollments have been declining at Career Colleges nationwide. With 6 million Americans age 25 to 39 years old lacking a high school or equivalency diploma1, and increasingly limited options to earn their diploma due to changes to the GED and the elimination of Ability to Benefit, many Career Colleges are turning away a growing number potential enrollments that are unable to meet POG requirements. Often times, these non-completers seek out local career colleges as they strive towards improving their marketable skills for in-demand careers " representing a large, but ultimately unqualified, market of interested students.
Like so many other schools and businesses, life within Penn Foster operates at breakneck speed. "Breakneck" is increasingly the default gear for life in 21st Century America.  With 24/7 access to the Information Superhighway securely tethered to everyone's hip pocket, the expectations and deadlines packaged as digital 1's and O's never stop arriving in your inbox.
At Penn Foster, our mission is to provide accessible, affordable education to all. Through the power of education, we strive to build up student confidence for success in further academic pursuits and future careers.  This year, we've made some significant strides towards this, thanks to the support and efforts of our incredible partner network and the communities and students they serve.
Life is complicated and there is no shortage of financial, academic, motivational and societal blockers that could derail an individual from continuing with a college education. Without the knowledge or motivation to seek support from available resources, these students see leaving school as their only option.
Simply "going to school" doesn't guarantee a college degree and a good job after graduation. For the most successful outcomes, career college students should take advantage of all of the support their college provides, and strive to get the most out of every moment on campus. As a career college, you have a unique opportunity to provide your students with advice upon signing enrollment papers. Relaying to your students the value of self-discipline, persistence, and a great attitude can help ensure a rewarding career college experience. Share with students the following seven successful habits that they can use as a guide to maximize their college experience.
Many students entering a High School Completion Program are young adults or adults who struggled in a traditional high school setting for a variety of reasons. These students enrolled in the diploma completion program are looking for a second chance at not only earning their high school diploma, but to embark on a journey towards post-secondary education, and, ultimately better career options.
On Sept. 4, service workers in more than 150 cities began a revolt against low wages. The continued nonviolent displays of civil disobedience prove workers' determination to "fight for $15." For demonstrators, walking out on jobs and risking arrest were small prices to pay compared to the potential rewards of an increased minimum wage. For fast food workers- many of whom are adults trying to support families-the strikes represent more than money; they're also fighting for union recognition, fair treatment and opportunities for a better life.

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